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A dating site for gamers

And because every stream has a chat beside it, fans can converse with one another while watching streamers play their games.

In this way, Twitch is very much the next big social networking site.

Subreddits are user-driven: anyone can create a subreddit whenever they want. Each subreddit is run by different moderators, and the quality of a subreddit often depends on who’s running it.

Most “Facebook for gamers”-type sites are defunct, abandoned, or gone.

Not all games make use of all these features, but most do.

When you’ve found friends through the community hub, or possibly in the game itself, you can add them as friends and keep up with each other on your Activity Feeds.

You can also create customized profiles, leave comments on each other’s walls, create private or public groups where members can post threads, chat in real-time, and play games together.

If a social network is all about staying in contact and getting in touch when necessary, Steam is perfect for that.

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Text channels are basically chatrooms, while voice channels are reminiscent of older apps like Team Speak, Mumble, and Ventrilo.

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