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Chubby chick dating

And of course, I got this: Overall, I support Woo Plus continuing to gain popularity.It appears the developers are working hard to make sure its users are treated with fairness and respect.My favorite part of this app is how, for the most part, people were genuinely being nice.

Simply put, this character is outright attracted to fat people on an aesthetic level.But, Li says, the best option is for users to report inappropriate behavior or fetishization: "This is not the goal of this app, this is not what we're trying to do." And not all people with the fetish can or will be banned; there are plenty of thin people who admire bigger folks on Woo Plus.For instance, this person's profile uses terminology and size preference usually associated with fat fetishes: No one is judging people with a fat preference; however, the point of this app is for people to find a relationship, not to be fetishized.Second, if you don't interact with the user within 48 hours of you both mutually liking each other, the "like" disappears and you lose your opportunity to talk to them, a feature that prevents endless "likes" with no contact.This is a great idea, because it's easy for us to "like" people, but starting a conversation, now that's scary.

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