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They do a great job keeping them up to date, as well.IDP Owners Alert: They updated their defensive depth charts, too, making this a great IDP tool.(Funny thing — for all of 2016, I apparently had “genius” spelled in the headline as “genuis” because I’m that smart.) This is actually a pretty cool layout for a community discussion about your Fantasy Football issues. While all that is old news, it’s the layout that is great and will have you answering more and more questions.You’ll go here, ask a Fantasy question (Should I make this trade? Cockcroft posts his consistency ratings weekly, during the season, but in the offseason, these are helpful to look at to see which players consistently do what you expect them to do.(Like the “Running Back Touches” stats that I found on Fantasy and added in May!) I’ve been writing these columns for five years now, adding links to more great tools every year.Fantasy Pros owns several spots in my top free Fantasy Football draft tools list. Speaking of rumors, there’s no greater source for news and rumors these days than PFT, and that has been the case for just about a decade now.You might not get Fantasy analysis, but wouldn’t you rather know the news sooner, giving yourself a chance to make the Fantasy call rather than waiting on Fantasy sites? You can also hang out and answer questions on your own.

Without question, this tool is the my favorite of all the free Fantasy Football draft tools.This forum is full of people looking for leagues – and leagues looking for people.I like this page because it sorts through a lot of roster or transaction news, and just gives you some rumors floating around.Free Fantasy Football draft tools make your Fantasy life easier.There are so many great Fantasy Football sites out there, whether they are just straight content sites, tools or apps, sometimes it’s tough to filter through them and find the best of everything. The following links take you to the top FREE Fantasy Football Draft tools that I think will help you the most in 2017.

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So if you are offered a trade by someone, run it through this baby to see how the pick calculator thinks you would do. There are plenty of sets of depth charts out there, but I these rank up there among the easiest to use.