Nehgr online dating

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Nehgr online dating

Private in Captain Samuel Ward's Company, Colonel Coggeswell's Regiment, to at Boston. John Allerton Thomas English Edward Doten Edward Liester* on our present day Gregorian calendar would be the same date as on the Julian, or "Old Style" calendar.Private in Captain Champney's Company, Major Heath's Detachment, to . His estate was probated; Will of William Bradford The last Will and Testament Nunckupative of Mr William Bradford senir: Deceased May the Ninth1657 and exhibited to the court held att Plymouth June 3d 1657 Mr William Bradford senir: being weake in body but in prfect memory haveing Defered the formingof his Will in hopes of haveing the healp of Mr Thomas Prence therin; feeling himselfe very weakeand drawing on to the conclusion of his mortall life spake as followeth; I could have Desired ablerthen myselfe in the Desposing of that I have; how my estate is none knowes better then youerselfe,said hee to Lieftenant Southworth; I have Desposed to John and William alreddy theire proportionsof land which they are possessed of; My Will is that my son Josepth bee made in some sort equall to his brethern out of my estate; My further Will is that my Deare & loveing wife Allice Bradford shalbee the sole Exequitrix of myestate; and for her future maintainance my Will is that my Stocke in the Kennebecke Trad bereserved for her Comfortable Subsistence as farr as it will extend and soe further in any such way asmay bee Judged best for her; I further request and appoint my welbeloved Christian ffrinds Mr Thomas Prence Captaine Thomas Willett and Lieftenant Thomas Southworth to be the Suppervissors for the Desposing of my estateaccording to the prmises Confiding much in theire faithfulnes I comend unto youer Wisdome and Descretions some smale bookes written by my owne hand tobee Improved as you shall see meet; In speciall I Comend to you a little booke with a blacke coverwherin there is a word to Plymouth a word to Boston and a word to New England with sundryusefull verses; These pticulars were expressed by the said William Bradford Govr the 9th of May 1657 in theprsence of us Thomas Cushman Thomas Southworth Nathaniell Morton; whoe were Deposedbefore the court held att Plymouth the 3d of June 1657 to the truth of the abovesaid Will that it isthe last Will and Testament of the abovesaid Mr William Bradford senir. William became an early convert to the Separatist Church at nearby Scrooby, Nottinghamshire and he left with the church for Holland circa 1607. He was the 2nd signer of the "Mayflower Compact" and the second Governor of Plimoth Colony. William Bradford, senir deceased May the 9th, 1657, and exhibited to the Court held att Plymoth, June 3d, 1657. William Bradford Denr being weake in body, but in ppet memory having deferred the forming of his will in hopes of having the healp of Mr. S.) Dates New York Genealogical and Biographical Society New York: Rochester Genealogical Society New Zealand Society of Genealogists NGS NGS News Magazine NGSQ System Nicht Nicknames Nice Nieta Nieto Nil Nipote Noble (Money) Non Compos Mentis Nonage Nonna Nonno Norwegian Genealogy Dictionary Nova Scotia, Yarmouth County research NSCAR NSCDA NSDAC NUCMC Numbering Systems Nuncupative Will Oakland County Genealogical Society Obituaries Oheim Ohio Genealogical Society Ohio Licking County Welsh History Ohio, Hamilton County Genealogical Society Old Fulton NY Post Card Website Old Style (O. World War I Draft Registrations UDC Ult Ultimo United Daughters of the Confederacy United Empire Loyalist United Kingdom Census Dates United States Colored Troops Urgromutter Urgrovater US Federal Census Dates USCT Utah Cemetery and Burials Database Uxor Vaartje Vader Valetudinary Varon Vassal Vater Vetter Victoria, Australia Family History Links Victuals Villein Virginia, Lancaster County Estates 1835-1865 Virginia, Lancaster County, Mary Ball Washington Museum & Library Virginia, Prince William County, RELIC Virginia, War of 1812 Veterans Buried in Virginia Vital Records Vitriol Viz.

 In his will, dated 28 March 1687 and proved 17 August 1687, "John Farrow Senior of Hingham ..., carpenter," bequeathed to "Francis Farrow my well beloved wife the use of all my house, lands and meadows which I am now possessed of in said Hingham for and during the term of her natural life," also all moveables for life; to "my son John Farrow," £5; to "my son Nathan Farrow all my said houses and lands and meadows which I am now possessed of in said Hingham after the death of my said wife"; to "Mary Garnett (the wife of John Garnett) my grandchild the feather bed that I now lie upon with all the furniture belonging to it"; to "my daughter Mary Stowell," a cow; to "my daughter Remember Ward the wife of Henry Ward," a cow and an oak chest; to "my grandchild Francis Ward," a box; to "Nathan Ward my grandchild," a bed; "my son Nathan Farrow" to be sole executor and residuary legatee [  -82]. On 5 January 1637[/8] "Manasseth Kempton of New Plymouth, yeoman, doth acknowledge that he hath freely and absolutely given and confirmed unto John Faunce all that lot of land whereon the said John Faunce doth now dwell containing twenty acres or thereabouts" [ 6]. On 1 November 1647 George Bonum sold to John Faunce "that lot of land that lyeth next me at the Eel River with the housing and fencings thereabouts"; Manasseh and Jane Kempton witnessed the deed [  2:1].Faunce was nearly two decades younger than Kempton, and it may be that he came over in 1623 as Kempton's servant.COMMENTS: Banks derives John Faunce from Stow Maries, Essex, citing only "Banks Mss." [  52].

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