Not updating with form open office

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Not updating with form open office

That is, the claim(s), abstract and sequence listings (if any) should each begin on a new page since each of these sections (specification, abstract, claims, sequence listings) of the disclosure are separately indexed in the Image File Wrapper (IFW). Applicant’s cooperation is requested in correcting any errors of which applicant may become aware in the specification.There should be no overlap on a single page of more than one section of the disclosure. Certain cross references to other related applications may be made. applications identified only by the attorney’s docket number may be amended to properly identify the earlier application(s). As the specification is never returned to applicant under any circumstances, the applicant should retain an accurate copy thereof. The pages of the specification including claims and abstract must be numbered consecutively, starting with 1, the numbers being centrally located above or preferably, below, the text.References to foreign applications or to applications identified only by the attorney’s docket number should be required to be canceled. In amending the specification, the attorney or the applicant must comply with 37 CFR 1.121 (see MPEP § 714). 112 (pre-AIA), first paragraph, requires the specification to be written in “full, clear, concise, and exact terms.” The specification is replete with terms which are not clear, concise and exact. The lines of the specification, and any amendments to the specification, must be 1 1/2 or double spaced.Examiners should not object to the specification and/or claims in patent applications merely because applicants are using British English spellings (e.g., colour) rather than American English spellings. Note that 37 CFR 1.52(b)(1)(ii) only requires the application to be in the English language. The specification should be revised carefully in order to comply with 35 U. The text must be written in a nonscript type font (e.g., Arial, Times Roman, or Courier, preferably a font size of 12) lettering style having capital letters which should be at least 0.3175 cm.

Applicant may rely for disclosure upon the specification with original claims and drawings, as filed. If during the course of examination of a patent application, an examiner notes the use of language that could be deemed offensive to any race, religion, sex, ethnic group, or nationality, he or she should object to the use of the language as failing to comply with 37 CFR 1.3 which proscribes the presentation of papers which are lacking in decorum and courtesy.This requires a high contrast, with black lines and a white background.Gray lines and/or a gray background sharply reduce photo reproduction quality.The claim(s), abstract and sequence listing (if any) should not be included on a sheet including any other part of the application (37 CFR 1.71(f)). Applicants must make every effort to file patent applications, and papers that are to become a part of the permanent United States Patent and Trademark Office records in the file of a patent application or a reexamination proceeding, in a form that is clear and reproducible.The claim or claims must commence on a separate sheet or electronic page and any sheet including a claim or portion of a claim may not contain any other parts of the application or other material (37 CFR 1.75(h)). If the papers are not of the required quality, substitute papers of suitable quality will be required.

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So-called “Easily Erasable” paper having a special coating so that erasures can be made more easily may not provide a “permanent” copy, 37 CFR 1.52(a)(1)(iv).

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