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During the period when the political system was dominated by Accion Democratica (AD) and COPEI (1958–1998), after the closure of Accion Democratica's La Republica in 1969, none of the major newspapers or broadcasters were affiliated with a political party.However, because of the importance of the two main parties, most newspapers had regular columnists or editorialists presenting the views of AD and COPEI on the issues of the day.During this period, both parties promised Congressional seats to publishers in exchange for favourable coverage.In 1983, a deal with Jaime Lusinchi's presidential campaign resulted in four representatives of the Bloque De Armas publishing group being elected to Congress on AD slates.The main private television networks are RCTV (launched 1953, losing its terrestrial broadcast licence 2007); Venevisión (1961); Televen (1988); Globovisión (1994).

Freedom House explained that Venezuela's freedom of press had declined during Hugo Chavez's "15 years in power", stating that the Venezuelan government's relation to the media "led to sharp declines in press freedom and a vastly expanded government information apparatus".Tele SUR was founded in 2005 to provide 24-hour news and cultural programming that reflects the diversity of the Latin American region.It is owned and paid for by several countries: Venezuela (which provides 54% of the network's budget), Argentina (15%), Cuba (14%), Uruguay (7%), Bolivia (5%) and Nicaragua (5%).Telenovelas are popular in Venezuela, and some Venezuelan productions (such as 1992's Cara Sucia) are distributed internationally.Perhaps the best known television show internationally is however President Hugo Chávez' weekly talkshow Aló Presidente, which began in 1999.

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There are also local community-run television stations such as Televisora Comunitaria del Oeste de Caracas (Catia TVe, 2001) and a range of regional networks such as Zuliana de Televisión.

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