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The response rate for this strategic review was 32%. Number of respondents by primary job title Figure 1 long description Figure 2.

Number of respondents by primary institution / organization Figure 2 long description Figure 3.

This triad of perspectives has informed the development and organization of the data collection questions and results outlined herein.

In addition to considering content, context and facilitation constructs in their design, the data collection questions were themed to align with, and build on those identified in the Survey of CIHR-Funded Hepatitis C Researchers completed in 20 respectively (10).

Number of respondents by Province / Territory Figure 3 long description Figure 4.

Number of respondents who have received funding from the CIHR-PHAC Hepatitis C Research Initiative Figure 4 long description Note: Figures 1 to 9 (n = 24) Figures 10 to 13 (n = 23) Figure 5 long description Survey respondents and knowledge exchange session participants (herein referred to as 'participants') identified three major gaps in the current funding profile.

This report reflects the compilation of feedback received from the engaged researchers and key stakeholders and offers recommendations for consideration during the next round of CIHR-PHAC strategic planning for the Hepatitis C Research Initiative.

Online surveys can help to speed up, or add another dimension to the process of data collection and provides for anonymity, which can lead to greater openness (4).

The facilitators encouraged peer-to-peer dialogue rather than a strict "question and answer" approach thereby generating interactive data, a better understanding of participants' own agendas, and the opportunity to observe the co-construction of meaning in action (2).

The facilitators observed that constructive conflict increased participation and enhanced the depth of the data received (3).

These themes include: To analyze the data received through the knowledge exchange sessions, responses were read and notes were made to reflect the knowledge exchange session discussion and facilitator observations.

These notes became the basis for raw data collected.

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Finally, participants felt the knowledge associated with treatment and therapy outcomes and/or trends including those for high-risk populations, and for people with chronic HCV should be significantly strengthened.

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