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Teen titans dating sim

Cleaning the darkness completely out of her also gave her a white cloak which represents great power."White Raven" was also seen in "Breakfast Cheese", when Starfire convinced Raven to try a different style of meditating.When she arrived, she joined three other superheroes, and they worked together to defend an alien girl from The Gordanians.When they succeeded, they formed the Teen Titans, and became a group of superheroes devoted to defending Jump City, along with Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire and Robin.But when she isn't wearing it, Raven shows another side of herself--a much more emotional and outgoing personality, in which she becomes an entirely new superheroine known as Lady Legasus.

In "Legs", it is revealed that her cloak is what influences her dark, sarcastic and moody personality.

She is in her ghost form with her head and has arms with four fingers instead of five. At first, Raven is characterized as lethargic, quiet, and rarely happy but passionate and easily enraged.

She is also white, nose-less, and has a dark blue outline. Now further into the series, she is more open to her teammates and even participates in their activities and their wild shenanigans.

Raven wears PJs, which include a dark violet-blue hoodie with a purple pony (possibly a Pretty Pretty Pegasus pony), alder shorts with small ponies on it, which is surprisingly small, white socks with a purple stripe and pink bunny slippers. In her true demonic form, she resembles her father.

She has red skin, four yellow eyes, two pairs of horns, and white hair.

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Raven wears a indigo-colored cloak with a hood that obscures most of her face.

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