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One of our readers likened Word to the bow and arrow. Salvation comes in the form of the Quick Access Toolbar. In the Quick Access Toolbar tab, go to Popular Commands, scroll down to the Save As command and click to add it to the right column.With the right tweak, it can be a hunting bow with a laser scope! Add the Save As button to the toolbar and the process becomes just a bit faster. Of course, you are saved from all this (pun intended) if you just use the keyboard shortcut — F12.For some documents, you might want to show a different name or a designation.Make the appropriate changes in the Options dialog.Even for the usurped, the seconds of time saved while working with the word processor will definitely make you the king or queen of your little office corner. This should be a default one-second habit unless you want to waste a few more in recovering an unsaved Word file Did a Windows crash or power failure nix an Microsoft Office document you were working on? We show you how to recover the draft and restore your work. Go down to the Save documents section under the same Save tab. Saving your documents with a different name follows the usual first save.Or a time saving Word Ninja can make our lives easier, optimizing them for our everyday tasks should make it even more so. Don’t be scared of the elbow grease — the ten Word optimization settings are a cinch. Click the Save files in this format dropdown and select your preferred file choice (for example – * .rtf). Navigating to the full File screen and then on to the Save As button is an annoyance at best.

You may also want to check Always use these values regardless of sign in to Office.

The Benefit: Change personal information for professional documents.

Or use the right name for tracking changes with Word comments.

The settings here combined with the keyboard shortcuts can power you through most jobs. Microsoft Word 2013 opens with Calibri at a size of 11. The change applies to the documents created from here on with the template you are using (E.g. An experienced user may just need the command name to appear and not the complete feature description that comes with it.

There are many reasons not to use the font in your documents. Another practical reason could be the evergreen requirement of Times New Roman for many publications. Click the downward arrow or press CTRL D to open the Font Dialog box. Enhanced descriptions can also show images, shortcut keys, and link to the Help section.

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Save yourself from the repetitive formatting tasks by setting up a new customized template or tweaking the Normal template itself.