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Updating security certificate

To download the root certificate for your appliance certificate, check the information sent from your CA for a link to the appropriate root. If this is impractical, search their website for their root certificate store.This contains all the root certificates of the CA, and all major CAs publish their root store online.You must update the IP Addresses configuration of the appropriate certificate to secure the new IP address.This address should have a DNS hostname registered for it on the network; thus, the appropriate certificate is the one which has a subject alternative name (SAN) entry for the DNS address, not the IP address.

Once done, download it from the CA's root store and import it to your Bomgar Appliance as described above. You MUST assign one or more IP addresses to a certificate before that certificate can secure any hostnames. If the intermediate and/or root certificates are different from those currently in-use (or if a self-signed certificate was in-use), please request an update from will need a copy of the new certificate and its intermediate and root certificates.

In Certificate Friendly Name, enter a name used to identify this certificate.

From the Key dropdown, choose to create a new key or select an existing key.

In the Subject Alternative Names section, enter your Bomgar site hostname and click Add.

Add a SAN for each DNS name or IP address to be protected by this SSL certificate.

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Enter the remaining information pertaining to your organization.

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