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After grinding is cock against his hole, Timmy flips Bennett onto his back and treated his buddy to some expert oral service.After that, Timmy sits on Bennett’s chest, fucking the hell out of his mouth.Timmy has a look of excruciating pleasure on his face as Bennett wedges it in his throat.Timmy starts playing with his hole, very keen on opening him up.One stripe of cum hits his eye on the opposite side of the cameras, and you may only spot when Bennett gets up on his knees to nut on Timmy’s face.Despite most of his load going right into Bennett’s mouth, Timmy somehow managed to shoot his cum on his right cheekbone, but also winging his eye. ” Ironically, I had warned the guys to really aim for the mouth and avoid the eyes. Bennett quickly jerks his cock to overdrive and it is literally one of the most massive facials we have had on the site! There is really funny moment where Timmy starts to smile and laugh as hi face just gets totally coated and it just doesn’t seem to stop!Of course, there is also preparations for a fuck scene, so I knew we need to stick with the oral.After fingering Bennett’s hole while getting blown, Timmy really wanted to eat his as out.

You catch at the beginning how awkward they start off, but once they realize they are both good kissers, it consumes a lot of the foreplay. Timmy sits back with his huge cock, while Bennet slowly works his shaft down his throat.

That’s when I realized maybe I missed an opportunity to have had these guys fuck.

Usually we stick to what the pre-set limits and pay are, an only occasionally do we veer into full sex.

Chauncey takes it upon himself to not only cure Adam's heartache, but reunite his other college buddies once more for a night of fun-filled hijinks while exploring and discussing the inner-workings of dating.

On the last scene of the movie, the Whip Cream Girl is revealed to be topless.

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